about me

I was born in 1964 as the eldest of 3 daughter and planned child of my parents named Stefanie in the beautiful city of Hamburg.


Even as a child I learned to crochet, knit and sew through my mother, my granny and primary school. When I was 12, I had a friend whose mother really infected me with the wool virus. I spent many evenings in her living room, knitting until the needles were smoking.


Of course there were times in my life I had to change my priorities, but wool was my constant companion.


In May 2014 I suddenly got very ill - so what do with so much free time? - Needles out and get started!


And therefore I worked every minute during the last two years and sell some of these works here for the price of ... no, not "" but "F". Yeah right. "F" is the force in Newton [N]. Your work force.


Force that I lack for the household due to the disease. Force for cleaning windows, cupboards, curtains etc. house works that I no longer or not yet again can do myself. Drives to doctors, for what I always need a chauffeur, as I myself can not drive a car again ..

If you are interested in an article but have no opportunity to invest the force I still am very happy to give it to you against .


I would be very happy if this articles will find new owners and wish you funny browsing at this point.


Big hug to you,


yours Stefanie from Fusselkram













...knitted in 1990...at that time, shoulder pads were fashionable


...2015 ...would you like a bit pasta, sorry needle salad?












...knitted in 1987. My first attempts with pattern and material mix